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Custom homes always commence with custom designs. With the vast expertise of 88 Homes, you can now build your own custom home. Our design-build process permits us to emphasize the specific details that appeal to our clients.

What’s more, our custom home building service is also useful for projects in your existing home. 88 Homes in one of the best construction companies in Burnaby and can assist you in every step. Our experienced and talented experts would make sure that your home is a unique expression of your personality.

We make it easy and cost-effective to construct a new and customized home that you will love to show off.

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Discover the Joy of Living Together with Multifamily Homes:

As cities grow more crowded, multifamily housing construction is gaining impetus. 88 Homes is a qualified construction company in burnaby and serving many other areas such as Richmond, Vancouver, New West Minster, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam. We construct multifamily homes that are a unique blend of engineering marvel and innovative design. We always stay committed to empowering our clients through the decision making process.

That’s why our clients can select a layout that best fits their preferences. With us, you can also select the exterior design. Select a design that appeals to you the most and we would design it exactly as per your requirements.

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Should You Buy A Custom Built Home?

Buying a new house can be a great dream coming true. Whether you buy one outright or have one built, it can be the start of something exciting. If you have always wanted to build a house according to your specifications, then a custom house built by one of the best house building companies in Burnaby may be a good idea.

Deciding what kind of house you want is a big choice. That is why many people first lay down what their absolute needs and goals are and then they go ahead and decide on the kind of house they want. A custom house may be just the thing you needed. Here are some reasons why it is a wonderful choice for many people.

Your Choice Is The Law

This is perhaps the most important reason why a custom-built house is the best idea: you can decide and choose everything for yourself. From the cabinets to your countertops, from bathroom storage to your closet, you have control over everything. The house building companies in Burnaby often have requests for unique things a homeowner wants and they ensure that everything happens according to their tastes.
You too can decide to have something very unique like a pet’s room or a crafts room! It is possible. After all, it is your house!

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Going Green In Easy

When you choose a custom house building company like 88 Homes Ltd., you can go green with ease. This is because when you have the intention of going green from Day 1, they will be able to integrate it into everything. This is great because it means that your electricity and utility bills will be lower and you will be doing your bit for the environment.
With energy efficiency one of the top goals for new homeowners, it is obvious that going green is the way forward for the future.

Be More Tech Savvy

If you are as tech-savvy as they get, then a custom home can be the opportunity for you to instill technology in your home as well. With custom houses, homeowners can be smart every step of the way and install as many smart technology devices as possible. Make sure that you ask your builder to get tech-savvy decided for your house so that you can have a space that is ready for the future.

No Wasting Money On Renovations

Building a new house instead of getting a renovation done on an old one is a lot more cost-effective. With a custom house, you can build everything you need according to your goals. But when you buy a house, you may need to get renovations done. Save yourself money and go for a custom house.

With a company like 88 Homes Ltd., building a custom house with the highest safety standards is easy. They are the leading house building companies in Burnaby and they will be able to build you your dream house in a seamless and stress-free manner.

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