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Questions You Need to Ask While Interviewing Custom Builders

As you prepare to meet the shortlisted custom builders, you might be thinking about when it is the best time to interview them. The right time could be either before you start the design phase with the architect or soon after. Building the builder early onboard would ensure that desired budget as well as the design of the house stay aligned throughout the process.

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Once you narrow the list of building contractors in Burnaby to the top 3 or 4, consider asking the following questions in the meeting to choose the best one

  • Do you possess experience building the quality and style of house I want?

    It is significant as every style of the house presents unique challenges. You would wish to feel confident that the builder would not be trying anything new on your project. Rather, the builder would be applying the catalog of knowledge as well as lessons learned from the similar houses they have built. Consider choosing the builders that emphasize specific details that appeal to the clients like 88 Homes.

  • How would concerns as well as questions be addressed during construction?

    In construction, hiccups are predictable. You would wish to ensure that you like the communication style of the builder. And, trust that the builder would value your concerns as well as opinions during construction. In case the builder says that his/ her team would establish a meeting schedules with you, the design team, and subcontractors, it is a bonus point. This shows that builders value accountability, efficiency, and communication.

  • Could you tell me a bit about the estimating process? How do you ensure that budgets are accurate?

    It is crucial to listen to estimating process of builders. The preliminary estimate would be based on the old hard cost and existing market pricing. Therefore, you would wish to feel confident in the custom home building expertise as well as experience.
    Moreover, the detailed budget estimate would be based majorly on the hard bids from the vendors and subcontractors in the network of builders. You would wish to ensure that the several bids would be secured from high-quality subcontractors. And, such bids would be analyzed to ensure they are comprehensive.

  • How long would it take to prepare an estimate for my house?

    For a preliminary estimate, the building contractors in Burnaby could take as little as a week. Whereas for a detailed estimate, they could take as long as 2 to 3 weeks. In case the builder says it would take longer than that, ensure you ask why. You might have a complex design that would take longer than few weeks to estimate.
    Or, the builder might be overloaded. This could be a red flag that your home project would not get enough attention in case you choose that builder.

  • Do you perform quality inspections during construction?

    Quality assurance is a crucial aspect that needs to be considered while building the custom house. When you interview the home builder, do ask how he/she ensures the quality during the construction process.

Along with this, do not forget to pay attention to the building material that builder use. Consider selecting the building contractor using high standard building materials such as 88 Homes.

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