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Single Family Home + Laneway House
Design Your Home The Way You Always Dreamt Of

Having your own home to live in is not less than a blessing. A lot goes behind creating your home the way you wished. But sometimes it all comes out to be too pricy at the end. So, we must be sure of the fact that it shouldn’t exceed the limited budget we have. Create your custom homes in Burnaby at affordable prices with 88 Homes, all just by reaching through the website.

Custom Home Builder in Burnaby

From traditional work to modern custom homes, we have an experienced team to make your dream a reality. Most people get confused in choosing what suits the best for them, should the go with what is there among the winning ideas or do in accordance with their requirements. Ideally, that should be the way, you and your family going to live in the newly built home, it must be a mix of both traditional as well as modern architecture to make a more appealing look.

5 Genuine Reasons Why You Should Go for Burnaby

Custom homes in comparison to production homes give you more accessibility, lot size as well as an opportunity to control the layout. Here are five genuine reasons why you should consider having a custom home:

Energy bills way less than usual

Having your home designed the way according to your needs makes it more efficient in saving energy. So, you need not have to have a grip over to make those bills limited.

Long Term Investment

Creating a home for generations to come is very difficult but having thought about it is smart and one should invest in it. While constructing a custom home, you got the control to design it the way you want and make it the best to surprise the future lot.

Fitted with Upgraded Technology

Integrated home technology is one of the fastest-changing aspects of creating a modern home. Home automation, secured with smart appliances and facilities that makes your life more and more comfortable, one should think about it.

Cheaper Maintenance Cost

Everything that has been installed in custom homes is new and comes with warranties, which makes it more secured on the monetary front. You need not spend a penny during the warranty period and can have the items repaired or even changed if something goes wrong.

You can choose your builder

Probably the most important thing, that you get the opportunity to choose your builder according to the work done by them previously. Having 88 Homes at your service makes the idea of creating your home more secure and you can freely express your ideas to our team.
So, reach out to us right away and express your idea of having your dream job the way you want with all the necessary requirements. We will help you suggest some of the best options go by and you check out some of our finest works on our website. After all, creating a home is one of the toughest yet most important decisions of our lives.

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