Elevate Your Living: Discovering Timeless Elegance with 88 Homes

88 Homes redefines living with craftsmanship and creativity. Visit the calm worlds of laneway house design, modern style, and the transformational force of new house renovations and remodelling. At 88 Homes, we believe any place can be a serene and elegant refuge.

Laneway House Design:

Enter the magical world of laneway house design, where creativity reigns. 88 Homes builds custom laneway homes that integrate into their environment and offer unmatched comfort and functionality. Our laneway house designs showcase our dedication to quality and innovation, from comfortable cottages to sleek modern homes.

The Modern Style:

Celebrate modern style as we explore the enduring elegance of modern life. 88 Homes believes modernity is a lifestyle, not a trend. Our talented designers and architects create modern interiors with clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and cutting-edge design features that ooze sophistication and refinement.

New home remodelling:

Renovating and remodelling can revitalize areas. If you want to renovate your home’s interior, increase its footprint, or improve its functioning, 88 Homes can help. Our talented craftsmen and designers will work tirelessly to build your dream house, perfecting every detail.

Building Renovations:

88 Homes knows that renovations are more than just building projects; they’re transformation and rejuvenation. Our unmatched restoration skills turn old spaces into modern marvels that merge old-world charm with modern beauty. Our team has the skills to exceed your expectations and revitalize your house with modest changes to substantial renovations.

88 Homes believes that form and function, tradition and innovation are essential to disciplined, pleasant life. We offer laneway house design, modern style, and the transforming power of restorations and remodelling to enhance your living experience to new heights of refinement and calm. Start your path to timeless elegance and sophisticated living with 88 Homes today.