What makes 88 Homes Burnaby's Best Licensed Home Builder

What makes 88 Homes Burnaby's Best Licensed Home Builder

Hello Burnaby! Ever wondered what makes a house a home? Not simply bricks and wood. The love, attention, and expertise of amazing home builders. For Burnaby residents, we have the best: 88 Homes! Let's examine why 88 Homes dominate Burnaby homebuilding.

Real Pros!

First off, 88 Homes builds licensed homes. They have the paperwork and training to build stable buildings. They're certified and know their thing. Do not worry about the poor job!

Custom Homes That Match Your Style

Have a dream home? 88 Homes can execute. These guys can turn your vision into a cozy cottage or a sophisticated palace. They'll help you design a family-friendly house.

Experience Matters

These builders have built homes for years. They know construction inside and out. Experience is key to developing a durable, stylish Burnaby house. And 88 Homes has plenty.

Superior Materials

Have you heard “You get what you pay for”? We use only the best materials at 88 Homes. They guarantee quality from foundation to roof. That means your home will look wonderful and last decades.

Eco-Friendly Builders

Concerned about Earth? So are we! Eco-friendly building strategies at 88 Homes. They try to reduce waste and use sustainable materials. Green and beauty are possible in your new home.

Community Love

88 Homes goes beyond creating homes. Community building is their focus. Their work reflects their passion for Burnaby. They improve our town through local projects and activities.

No surprises

Building a home is stressful, but 88 Homes simplifies it. Costs and deadlines are clearly stated. No extra charges or adjustments. Direct, honest communication.


The tiny things matter. From room planning to finishing touches, 88 Homes pays attention to every detail. They make everything ideal, so you have a beautiful, functional home.

Safety First

Safety is crucial in construction. 88 Homes maintains strong safety rules to protect workers and future homeowners. You can relax knowing your home meets the greatest safety standards.

Happy Customers

Don't believe us. Ask around! 88 Homes has many satisfied customers who love their new houses. Good reviews and word-of-mouth mean these people are doing well.

The 88 Homes Experience

With 88 Homes, you get more than a house. Your home will be created with care and attention. These licensed Burnaby home builders exhibit pride in their work. Therefore, why settle for less than the finest when buying a home? 88 Homes can make your dream come true.

Their knowledge, attention to detail, and quality will get you into a great house for your family. Wrapping It Up Building a home is big, but 88 Homes has you covered. They have the talent, experience, and heart to make something extraordinary. Ready to build a home?

Call 88 Homes to start the magic!

Why Wait? Avoid waiting until next year to live in your dream home. Contact 88 Homes today to see why they're Burnaby's top licensed home builders. Your future self will appreciate it! So there, folks! Homebuilding doesn't have to be hard. 88 Homes offers adventure with a joyful ending. Let's build your ideal home!