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Custom Homes - Reflection of your personality!

Are you looking for the best House building Company in Burnaby? Then, you are in the right place.
You can build the house of your dream by appointing some capable professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of the process. If you live in the maple leaf country, you should consider Construction companies in Burnaby that can assist you in building your Custom Home.

Client Fantasy into Reality!

At 88 Homes, we believe that your house should always be designed to the highest standards of sustainability and health. We assist you in creating an environment in which your family can prosper. Furthermore, our award-winning green building program meets the highest quality standards.
Custom designs are always the first step in building a custom home. You can now build your own bespoke home with the help of 88 Homes' significant experience. We emphasize the unique elements that appeal to our clients thanks to our design-build approach. This makes us the most Qualified Construction Company in Burnaby.
Furthermore, our custom home construction service can be used for projects in your current home. 88 Homes can help you with every stage of the process. Our skilled professionals will ensure that your home is a one-of-a-kind reflection of your personality.
We make building a new, custom home that you'll be proud to show off simple and affordable. Every project at 88 Homes is an opportunity to make a client's fantasy a reality! With every detail, we're determined to make your house more comfortable, stylish, functional, cost-effective, and attractive.

Custom Home Building

To develop exceptional custom homes that are unique to you, we combine all areas of the custom home building process. At the same time, we produce high-quality work at an exceptional value by assembling a team for your project (client, builder, architect, engineers, and craftsmen).
As a qualified construction company in Burnaby, we apply the design-build technique while planning your home. Early in the planning process, a significant amount of time and energy is spent to build synergies that allow for optimization to be realized by you, the occupant. Affordability, resiliency, comfort, health, and efficiency are all factors to consider. The concept of "home" connects the people, the enclosure, and the architecture. It takes into account all of the interactions that these otherwise separate systems have within these unique homes to create a space that is both comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

Together We Can Build A Greener Future!

88 Homes is the award winner of the Green Building Program because of its high quality, eco-friendly impact, and sustainability. We never compromise our core values like Family, Trust, Cleanliness, Passion, Quality, Care, and Accountability.

Are there High-Performance Custom Homes?

A house is like a system that works together to keep you comfortable. The heating, air, and water systems should all function properly. A home is similar to a car in that each system is meant to work together to keep you comfortable and safe. What if the air conditioning on your car stopped working?
When we create a custom home, we make certain that all of the systems are in sync including energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, airtightness, high-quality materials less environmental impact and installation processes, and improved homeowner comfort. All these features make your home High-Performance Custom Home. This makes 88 Homes the best House building Company in Burnaby.

Pros of Selecting 88 Homes as Construction Company for Your Custom Home

High Performance

All of the custom homes we construct are high-performance, which means they will endure a long time, perform well, and provide a delightful living environment. We offer high-quality, long-lasting products that are better for your home's health. These materials can tolerate a lot of abuse.
The Essential Aspects for Creating a High-Performance Home

  • An airtight and well-insulated building
  • A ventilation system for healthy indoor air and comfort
  • Practical Design
  • Efficient heating and hot water systems
  • Energy-star-rated appliances
  • Sound-dampening materials
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • High-quality fit and finish

Outstanding Customer Service

Our unrivaled customer service, tailored to your specific requirements, aims to make the process as simple as possible for you, resulting in long-term relationships.

Exceptional Quality

We never compromise on the quality of our Custom Homes. We make the whole project Cost efficient for you.

Healthy Environments

Healthy living conditions are created by high-quality housing. Built Green is our specialty in boosting healthy environments and energy efficiency. The health benefits were exhausted.

Best Experts

We have the best experts and professionals who will listen to you and guide you in achieving your dream of a custom home.


If you imagine your custom home as a well-functioning system, you might get a fair notion of how construction companies in Burnaby work to make your dream into reality. 88 homes provide comfortable single and multi-family homes for you.


Building a new custom home is a significant financial commitment. You need to be able to use the design. Your living environment should meet your demands and make life easy for you! Layout, materials, finishes, workstation, storage, cabinetry, maintenance, and other factors may be important to you. 88 homes like taking into account all of these factors to create a practical space for you.